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ABOUT Connect-KX

Connect-KX is a technology-based company based out of Berlin, Germany operating a global network of university and industry partners. Led by a group of professionals, Connect-KX is on a mission to disrupt the traditional forms of university-industry collaboration and to change the face of recruiting. Through Connect-KX's innovative answers, companies problems have been decoded since founded. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Universities and Industry to promote a healthy collaboration. By connecting students to real-world problems, education is improved with action learning, while companies find innovative answers that would otherwise be unavailable.



Connect-KX (European Center for Knowledge Exchange) creates the university-business collaboration in which students solve real-world issues that impact the world as part of the University’s curriculum. Companies provide real challenges for creative ideas and the ability to hire stand-out talent. Our rapidly growing community of students solves these challenges for real-world experience, credits, and job opportunities. Academic institutions we enable the introduction of practical project collaborations in the academic curriculum and impact the student's learning experience for employability. About us, Connect-KX joins industry and academia in a manner that brings unparalleled innovation!



This transformative digitalization of challenge-based education offers students a richer learning experience equipping them with skills that are in demand by the industry and provides companies with modern challenge-based recruiting practices from universities.

We offer tailor-made programs and workshops to guide the supply and demand of knowledge for budding talented graduates. To upgrade the technical knowledge base from the university level, we are providing a platform where universities across the world find easy access to European innovation hubs and ideation hubs in various technological sectors.

Learn how by getting in touch here: consult@connect-kx.com

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