Step 1: International Internship (Online)

Connect-KX (European Center for Knowledge Exchange) will provide International Internship opportunities for students through our ''Innovation & Ideation Hub''. Through this Internship, the student can sit in our Innovation Hub and gain European knowledge and skills. Each student will gain 2 International accredited certificates. All the students who took an International Internship are eligible to work for our partnered European companies as parttime(online).


Step 2: European part-time (Online)

All the students who took part in an International Internship through ''Innovation and Ideation Hub'' will have an opportunity to work as part-time(online) for our partnered companies in Europe and gain International Experience certificates. This is a unique chance for students to earn real time experience and knowledge while they are in college itself. This brings a new era in an education system by ''Work&Earn while your study'' concept. This is a unique chance for students to exhibit their respective talents in different fields of technology.


Step 3: Internship in Europe (in company).

Through Innovation & Ideation Hub, Connect-KX European Center for Knowledge Exchange provides new opportunities to showcase the talents of budding students. The Best performing students will be awarded onsite (Europe) Internship opportunities, where the student will be invited to Europe and work with our partner companies directly. This is a unique chance to work with companies from Europe and know the real-time technology and business trends. This leads to direct International recruitment for best-performing students.